Getting started

How to start Jerusaleum

1. If you are an existing ethereum and MetaMask, please go to the wallet login page and perform the no-password login. If you are new to ethereum or MetaMask, please continue to read.

2. If you know ethereum and are new to MetaMask, please visit MetaMask's web site( and install the MetaMask. You can import the existing wallet or create a new wallet address by the MetaMask. Please check How to import a wallet into MetaMask for more information.

3. If you are new to ethereum and MetaMask, please create your own ethereum wallet. Please check How to create your ethereum wallet for more information.

How to login with Jerusaleum

1. Login to the MetaMask.

2. Visit the Jerusaleum login page. And click the login button.

3. Click the sign button.

4. Now you have logined.