Jerusaleum - The sky will open

The sky will open

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Pre-ICO : 1 Jan, 2019 ~ 31 Mar, 2019
Recruiting co-founders

A **new** decentralization context for expressing something bigger than 'Rome'

What is Jerusaleum?

The real decentralization is needed.

If it starts with 0.0001% awareness, then when it becomes 10%, it is 100,000 times greater awareness.
Trading opportunities are born there.

The project has a historical reason for decentralization.

It is for recalling a network of a city.

How it works


Decentralize now

Any individuals and companies can join. You can be a co-founder of Jerusaleum. You can use the email address of the domains.

New vehicle

Your new email address is a vehicle reference. The vehicle means that it is a reference to a network of the city. It starts similer to a virtual company.

Login with the blockchain

Message signing

The ownership of your wallet address can be confirmed by signing a message. It enables the no-password login with your wallet address.

MetaMask integrated

MetaMask is a bridge wallet of ethereum for web browsers. Its signing feature is used for the no-password login.

* Email login is used for the pre-ICO and ICO at 

Start/restart your projects with Jerusaleum

Simple SDK

You can add new features with your your project by the Jerusaleum tokens and simple PHP code. Join the project from the early stage.


Jerusaleum itself is decentralized by member's joining as a co-founder. It is for creating exponential values.

Info - For developers, business owners and investors

The Tokens Specification

Token Name:


Type :




Blockchain Platform:


Total supply:

510,000,000 JLM

Contract address:


Token Name:

Jerusaleum Dollar

Type :




Blockchain Platform:


Total supply:

100,000,000,000 JLMD

Contract address:



We start the decentralization by email.
In the decentralization, it will come.
It is Jerusaleum.

Why decentralization?

It was forgotten. And it will be restored.

How to start?

Please check the getting started page.


  • What is Jerusaleum in a word?

    That is for expressing something bigger than 'Rome'.

  • What is Jerusaleum?

    Jerusaleum is a reference to a distributed network which precedes the history. The unique point is that the participant can join as a co-founder of Jerusaleum. Anyone can create and use the email accounts in a decentralization context. It is an anonymous project, however it is not strictly anonymous. There are no strict rules. The project uses the two tokens - JLM and JLMD.

  • What kind of system?

    Email system with no-password login is available. "A marketplace" will be created after ICO. "A marketplace" will be available in Q4 2019.

  • What kind of tokens?

    The tokens are JLM (Jerusaleum) and JLMD (Jerusaleum Dollar). JLM comes with email system. JLMD is a stable coin backed by **ancient code**. Both is for opening the sky.

  • What is the difference between JLM and JLMD?

    JLM is for proof of stake mainly. JLMD is for storing values for the goal mainly.

  • What is the goal of Jerusaleum?

    A real decentralization. It is to open the network of a city.

  • Are the pre-ICO and ICO open to USA citizens too?

    We think so. Because we have a product - membership and email accounts(larger quota), the tokens are not securities or stock apparently. The tokens are 3rd party points system. We think that purchasing the membership and email accounts may be possible in the USA too.

  • When will the tokens be listed on exchanges?

    It is planned to be listed in Q2-Q3 2019. It will be announced as soon as possible after the schedule is fixed.

  • Can I really join Jerusaleum?

    Yes. You can really join Jerusaleum.

  • Can I create and use email accounts?

    Yes. You can create and use the email accounts.

  • What is needed to get started?

    You need MetaMask wallet and Ethereum wallet address. No Ether balance is required just for the getting started.

  • Are there any limitations for the email accounts?

    There is a small quota. Sending and receiving mass emails is not allowed.

  • Can I use the email accounts freely?

    Yes. You can freely use the email accounts for your own purpose.

  • What if I have additional questions?

    Please contact



To open the sky

Other Currencies

To open the sky with JLM and JLMD


Many thanks to the related projects and others.